Afterlife With Archie #7 Review

Afterlife With Archie #7 Review

Afterlife With Archie #7 takes place during Thanksgiving, and there’s not a whole lot to be thankful for in the Archieverse aside from managing to survive up to now. Betty’s diary plays a large role here, as she tries to remember moments from it and rewrite the cherished book so that the fond memories of her past are not lost forever.

And so we get a look at Betty’s early life, beginning when her parents gave her the diary for her birthday one year. We learn about Betty’s troubled sister Polly, who is a bit more than her parents can handle on their own and bullies Betty around. We get to see the first time Betty meets Archie, as well as her love/ hate relationship with Veronica.

Coming back to modern day, Veronica is extremely jealous of Archie and Betty’s current relationship, even threatening to burn Betty’s diary at one point. There aren’t a whole lot of zombies to battle in this issue, but there is a very surprising twist at the end that I won’t spoil here. The artwork and dialogue are on point as always. Needless to say, I’m definitely interested in checking out the next issue of this fantastic series.

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