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Disney Eyeing Chris Pratt For Indiana Jones

Disney Eyeing Chris Pratt For Indiana Jones

Deadline is reporting that Disney is keen on having Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt play Indiana Jones in a new film that would jump start the franchise.

Disney acquired the Indiana Jones franchise in 2013 from Paramount (after purchasing Lucasfilm for $4.06 billion), and the report notes that the project is still very early in development, but Pratt is their first choice for the role. Which makes sense, considering he’s built up a steady following and established himself as a strong leading man in recent years. Marvel’s blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy film made a ton of money and displayed Pratt’s talent well, and soon audiences will see the actor in another high-caliber role, as the leading man in Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World. Of course, we’ll also be seeing him in a Guardians sequel, and perhaps even Avengers 3 (fingers crossed).

There has been talk of an Indiana Jones reboot since 2013, when Disney acquired the rights, and it was also rumored that Disney planned on recasting the role soon if Harrison Ford didn’t sign up for a fifth film by a certain date; however franchise producer Frank Marshall said that this is not true. No word on whether Pratt would be playing Indy in a prequel or a reboot.

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