BeFit In 30 Extreme Review

BeFit In 30 Extreme Review

YouTube fitness guru Scott Herman and expert trainer Susan Becraft team up for BeFit In 30 Extreme, featuring three full-body workouts and a 30-day calendar to help users stay on track of their fitness goals. These 20-minute workouts focus on strength and agility, with some heart-pumping cardio throughout to help viewers shed fat and build some lean muscle in the process.

Legs, Thighs and Butt is the first workout on BeFit In 30 Extreme, packed with lunges, deadlifts, ab work, compound exercises and cardio to get the metabolism going and really work the legs and back. This one features Scott Herman, who has a lot of energy and does a good job of instructing properly, but honestly at times he can get a bit annoying. At one point I turned on the option to just play the music and follow along with visual cues.

Total-Body Weight Loss features circuits of calisthenics, with lots of high knees, jumping jacks, burpees, skaters and more – once again starring Scott, but he’s more bearable here. Fat Burning and Abs is another 20-minute workout featuring Susan Becraft, and is full of push ups, crunches, weighted lunges, shoulder raises, mountain climbers and more.

Every workout has a sufficient warm up and cool down period, which is of course important with high-intensity workouts such as the ones included on BeFit In 30 Extreme. In order to follow along properly, viewers will need a chair and a pair of light to medium weight dumbbells.

Overall, I found BeFit In 30 Extreme to be a solid workout program for those looking to shed some excess holiday weight and sculpt lean muscle. Those who find the trainers to be grating have the option of following along with just the music, which is always appreciated. While these videos can be found for free on BeFit’s YouTube channel (you’ll even hear Scott tell you to comment below and favorite the video at one point), the production quality is high and buying the DVD means you have access to the workouts even when you don’t have an internet connection. Not to mention you also get the included workout calendar, which is always helpful for keeping users on track and focused on their fitness goals.

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