Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark (The Mechanic) Sixth Scale Figure Review

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark (The Mechanic) Sixth Scale Figure Review

Iron Man 3 was nothing if not divisive. Some people loved it, while others weren’t so impressed. You can count me as part of the latter group, but it was a great launching platform for figures, with all of the neat-looking suits in the film. While Hot Toys has already released a multitude of metal suits for the latest flick, including the gigantic Hulkbuster “Igor” armor, only a scant few figures of the man behind the mask have been released. Now the incredible artists at the Hong Kong company have created a Robert Downey Jr. likeness to be proud of with their Tony Stark “The Mechanic” MMS 209 Sixth Scale figure, based on his appearance during the assault on the Mandarin’s mansion.

The box for Tony Stark “The Mechanic” MMS 209 is well-designed, with some nifty artwork of the figure adorning the outer packaging. As per usual with Hot Toys boxes, everything is laid out smartly with delicate accessories and the figure itself enshrined in plastic. You can rest assured that your figure won’t get damaged in transit, as there is plenty of padding and nothing is even the least bit loose. The greatest thing about Hot Toys packaging is that it’s very easy to put the figure back in the box, exactly as it was, without worrying about a bunch of annoying twist ties and the like.

Inside the box are a ton of accessories, including Iron Man suit parts, a backpack, a nail gun, an Uzi, a stun gun, a watch, a newspaper, a syringe, pliers, the Sideshow Collectibles-exclusive wrist repulsor, a figure stand, eight interchangeable hands, and more. Unfortunately, it seems as though there weren’t enough different hand poses for such a wide range of accessories, and Tony seemed to hold the Uzi and nail gun awkwardly.

Robert Downey Jr. seems to be one of those likenesses that is hard to get right, but after a few iterations Hot Toys has managed to nail it with the Tony Stark “The Mechanic” MMS 209 figure. This is about as close as you can get to a pocket-sized RDJ, and the amazing head sculpt and masterful paint job had me in awe. The beard is nicely detailed, the hair sculpt looks good, and the battle damage blood and bruises look incredibly realistic. They even managed to get the variations in blood thickness and color correct, and the way the cuts shine in the light is really impressive.

The clothing is equally impressive, flowing realistically and packed to the brim with detail, from screen-accurate stitching to tiny working zippers and even scuffed-up sneakers. The hoodie sits on the body naturally and doesn’t look awkward, and even looks great with the hood up – very few figures can pull this off well. Even Tony’s white undershirt has the A.I.M. logo underneath, if you take the hoodie off.

The figure has working lights for Tony’s arc reactor in his chest (accessed from his back) as well as the Iron Man arm, which has a switch to light up for the repulsor shot in the palm. Both look great, though the arc reactor really should have had a more accessible switch for the light. As it stands, you’ll need to completely remove Tony’s hoodie (no small task) as well as the white shirt, which is just a huge hassle for a light that you’ll likely only have on for a few minutes to show your friends or snap a photo. Why couldn’t the switch be on his lower back or abdomen, so you could just reach under the shirt to enable it?

My other main gripe about the Tony Stark “The Mechanic” MMS 209 figure is that the elbow joints are incredibly stiff, and almost unposeable, right out of the box. They were so immoveable that I was seriously concerned Tony’s arm might just snap in half. After a while I was able to get the elbows slightly bent, but they really tested my patience. Similarly, removing the lower portion of Tony’s right arm to put the Iron Man armor on it is really difficult, and getting the leg piece on may be even harder than that. The leg armor comes in two pieces – basically a shin guard that rolls over the pants and a boot that replaces Tony’s left shoe. I really wish that the shin guard part came as two halves that snapped together, it would be so much easier to put on. I kind of wish that the lower portion of the pants were removeable as well, since it’s very difficult to pull them under the Iron Man leg once it’s finally on there. Once everything’s all together, though, it looks freaking awesome. At least it’s worth all the effort, and I assume most who purchase this figure will likely leave the armor on, it looks super badass.

For those who enjoyed Iron Man 3, or just fans of the character in general, this figure is absolutely worth picking up. It looks amazing in a display case next to my Thor from The Dark World, and hopefully I can collect more of the Avengers team as the sequel Age of Ultron gets ready to hit theaters next year. You can pick up the Tony Stark “The Mechanic” figure now at Sideshow Collectibles, which has the exclusive version with an extra accessory.

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