Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review – PS4

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review – PS4

October 9, 2014 0 By Jason Bakker
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Tecmo Koei’s Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is the fourth installment of the hack-and-slash crossover series, featuring a massive cast of characters from the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors franchises, as well as guest stars from Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Ninja Gaiden, Atelier, and more. Despite some repetitive gameplay and dated graphics, it’s a fun, exhilarating experience that will tide fans over until a proper next-gen release for the series.

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In Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, the cast is attacked by a massive Hydra, which lays waste to most of your allies in one fell swoop. Those who manage to survive seek the help of a mystic woman named Kaguya, who can turn back time long enough for you to assemble an army mighty enough to slay the mythical beast. It’s a silly story, to be sure, but the game thankfully doesn’t take itself too seriously. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate does its best to assemble a coherent plot and features an impressive amount of real-time cutscenes. Equally impressive, every single line in the game is voiced.

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If you’ve never played a Dynasty Warriors game before, basically you control a one-man (or woman) army, taking on thousands of enemies and assassinating generals to gain the upper hand on the battlefield and claim victory. There are other soldiers on your side, but they do hardly anything on their own – these epic battles will be won or lost by your hand. In Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, you have a team of 3 fighters available to you at any given time, either switching between them or using all of them at once. If you can take out the enemy troops swiftly, your soldiers will gain morale. If the enemy generals overpower enough of your outposts, your team will lose confidence and eventually be defeated. Combat is fun, and racking up thousand-hit combos is thrilling, but things can get repetitive after a while. Thankfully, the huge character roster helps to break up the monotony, and you’re free to pick and choose your lineup for every single mission. There’s also a large amount of alternate costumes available for the warriors. Despite the relatively simple control scheme in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, all characters have different weapons and move sets, which makes trying out each of the 145 unlockable characters interesting.

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Guest characters include Sterk (Atelier), Sophitia (Soul Calibur), Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), and new additions Nezha, Tamamo, and Yinglong. There are over 50 stages to battle through, with over 175 scenarios and endings to reveal. There are “What If” hypothetical scenario modes, online battles and level creation, and crossover stages from Atelier, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Samurai Warriors. There’s even 2-player competitive and cooperative local gameplay. If you couldn’t tell already, it will take you a massive amount of time to play through all the content on offer in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.

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Since this is a port of a game that was released two years ago (three years ago for Japan) on last-gen consoles, it’s not the prettiest thing ever, but the sheer number of enemies present on screen at any given time is immediately impressive. The character models look pretty good, all things considered, but there are plenty of rough-looking textures in the environments – which are relatively barren and static, apart from the enemies. There is also a very noticeable amount of pop-in for the opponents, with entire waves just teleporting right in front of you. The frame-rate is absolutely solid at 60 FPS, though  – the PlayStation 4 could render this in its sleep. Speaking of which, I’m excited to see what Tecmo Koei can do with these new consoles; I would love to play a new Warriors game built from the ground up for next-gen.

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate takes the original PlayStation 3 title and adds an incredibly large amount of new content, making this a worthwhile pick-up even for those who owned the previous version. Packing more content even than the Wii U release, including the all-new Gauntlet and Duel modes and a literal army of playable characters, this is the smoothest, best-looking, most complete and polished version of Warriors Orochi 3 yet.