Hot Toys Thor: The Dark World MMS224 Thor Figure Review

Hot Toys Thor: The Dark World MMS224 Thor Figure Review

A new string of superhero movies recently debuted in theaters, which can only mean one thing: Hot Toys is once again summoning their sorcery powers to shrink movie stars down to 1/6 scale. Their latest Movie Masterpiece creation is none other than the God of Thunder himself, from the recent Thor: The Dark World film. And to the surprise of no one, it’s amazing.

I really like the box for the Hot Toys Thor: The Dark World MMS224 figure. It’s designed to look like Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, and has a shiny, metallic texture to it, with some nice engraved Asgardian symbols along the sides. If you flip the top of the box around, you’ll find Thor’s poncho attached to the inside of the box. It’s kind of tough to remove without messing up the box, and I would have preferred that it be simply packed in with the rest of the accessories. It’s similar to the box that came with the Hot Toys Amazing Spider-Man MMS179 figure in that it has a sort of shoe box design, as opposed to the traditional “cereal box” design that Snake and Jor-El were packed in.

The detail on this Thor figure is just insane. Just look at it. That’s Chris Hemsworth. I can honestly say that there is nothing that I would change about the head sculpt, it’s absolutely perfect. It may have taken three Thor figures to get it just right, but hey, third time’s the charm I guess. From the blemishes and tiny wrinkles in the skin to the eerily realistic eyes and meticulously sculpted hair, it looks like Chris Hemsworth just walked off the movie set. It’s easily one of the most impressive figures I’ve ever seen.

The craftsmanship and costume design on Thor’s suit is fantastic. The costume from Thor: The Dark World is recreated almost perfectly, with a mix of rubber, pleather, fabric and plastic. The paint application is spot-on as well, from the shin guards and gauntlets to the stubble in Thor’s beard and the highlights in his long, flowing hair. There’s even some weathering on his boots, which is a nice touch. The cape folds nicely and looks accurate to the film. As for accessories, Thor comes with his mighty hammer Mjolnir, an array of extra hands, his black poncho as seen in the film, the standard Hot Toys base, as well as a cardboard Asgardian emblem. Mjolnir is made from actual metal, which lends it an impressive weight despite its size. Just like everything else in this box, the hammer is painstakingly crafted.

While this is without a doubt one of Hot Toys’ finest creations thus far, there are still a few flaws. A lot of these sixth scale figures seem to suffer from flexibility issues, especially the ones with bulky suits like Thor. The arms can be raised forward 90 degrees, but only 70 degrees from the side. This makes it impossible to recreate some of the promo shots for the figure, which featured Thor raising Mjolnir high over his head, ready to strike down his foes. The instruction manual even warns against leaving the elbows bent for an extended period of time, as doing so could affect the material (they don’t bend much, either). So if you plan on displaying Thor, you’re extremely limited as far as poses. Luckily, he looks fantastic just standing there, but the ability to use more dynamic poses would have been appreciated. The lack of accessories aside from Mjolnir and the poncho is also disappointing.

Overall, Hot Toys’ MMS224 Thor figure is a beautiful piece. Like most of these collectible figures, it’s not really built for crazy acrobatic poses, and it doesn’t come with a ton of accessories, but what’s here is great. Mjolnir is hefty and incredibly detailed, and Thor’s costume is 100% screen accurate, from the flowing crimson cape to the battle-worn boots and shiny gauntlets. The face sculpt couldn’t be any more perfect, and Thor’s blonde locks are intricately sculpted with braids and individual locks hanging from the side of his head. If you plan on simply displaying this figure in a case, you’ll be happy with it; it’s like a piece of fine art. You can pick up the Thor MMS224 figure now at Sideshow Collectibles. It should be noted that a Light Armored version of this figure is also available but is currently sold out; that one comes with one of those cool poseable stands like the one that came with the Jor-El Man of Steel figure.

  • + Amazingly accurate Chris Hemsworth likeness
  • + Beautifully recreated screen-accurate costume
  • – Very limited upper body articulation

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