Watch Jimmy Fallon Play GoldenEye 007 With Pierce Brosnan

Watch Jimmy Fallon Play GoldenEye 007 With Pierce Brosnan

August 20, 2014 0 By Jason Bakker

Pierce Brosnan was on The Tonight Show last night to promote his new movie The November Man, when Jimmy surprised him with a challenge – a duel to the death in one of the most beloved FPS games of all time: GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. As it turns out, Pierce isn’t very good at this game, at all. But it’s hilarious to watch him struggle with the controls and karate-chop his way through the arena before being viciously gunned down by Fallon with the DD44 Dostovei.

Fallon calls GoldenEye “one of the best video games of all time” and and that it’s always been a “childhood dream” of his to play against a real-life Bond actor. Brosnan warns Fallon that while he’s played the game once before, he was never any good, saying, “I played it once and shot myself in the foot.”

1995’s GoldenEye was the first of four Bond films that Brosnan would star in. Back in 2009, Jimmy Fallon also defeated Tiger Woods at his own Nintendo Wii game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

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