Team Newbee Wins Fourth Dota 2 International

Team Newbee Wins Fourth Dota 2 International

August 15, 2014 0 By Liam Rogers

The fourth Dota 2 International Championship has come to a close and the latest patch has removed the compendium bonuses from play. Team Newbee claimed victory over Vici Gaming in the finals, and along with it the Aegis of the Immortals and their share of the over-10 million dollar prize pool. However, viewers notice a bit of a paradigm shift from last year’s TI3. This year matches were quicker and GG was often called earlier. Newbee showed an incredible ability to push early and steamroll with their momentum, contrasting the very definition of “Chinese Dota” where teams of the past typically farmed well into late game. Even if Newbee did crush the competition this year, the staggering size of the prize pool is a testament to the rising popularity and acceptance of E-Sports.

If you’re interested in reading more about the shift from last year’s international and the key to Newbee’s success, Kotaku did a write up about this very topic. Below is a post from the Dota 2 official blog, congratulating the victors.If you would have been forced to make a bet the day after the first round, you would have laid your money on ViCi Gaming. They dominated the first game. After, people were wondering if Newbee even would be able to squeak out a single victory.

Then Newbee did what they did all tournament.

They didn’t listen to the noise. The team that finished a lowly 7-8 in the group stage did what they do best – play great Dota.

They came roaring back and won three straight. The final game wasn’t just a win, it was a domination. This over ViCi Gaming, a team that was dominant throughout the entire tournament against every team but one… Newbee.

Today we crown a new Grand Champion and a new inscription for the Aegis.
Chen “Hao” Zhihao
Zhang “Mu” Pan
Zhang “xiao8″ Ning
Wang “Banana” Jiao
Wang “Sansheng” Zhaohui