U-he Satin Tape Machine Plugin Review

U-he Satin Tape Machine Plugin Review

June 3, 2014 0 By Liam Rogers

Tape machine emulation plugins have become as widespread in their usage as they are in availability, the big contenders being Slate VTM (review here), Kramer Tape, TB Reelbus and even the free FerricTDS. But not too long ago a new challenger entered the market, with U-he releasing their own tape plugin Satin ($129).

Satin has a few features that set it apart from the rest. It is essentially three tape-based effects: first the tape emulation itself, then tape delay and lastly taped-based flanging. The delay/flanging possibilities really serve as an added bonus considering the depth of the tape machine itself. It has the usual controls users have come to expect like input and output gain, IPS speed, bias, and wow/flutter. However there are further levels of tweak ability in Satin; users are able to select the type of encoder/decoder circuits, headroom, circuit EQ and transient control via the pre-emphasis knob.

All things considered U-he’s Satin brings some new options to the table while maintaining what one would expect to see in a tape machine plugin. It stands up well against its main competitor Slate VTM, but at the end of the day both plugins have their own unique sounds and the user will have to judge which is best suited for them. It does its job exceptionally well and the added effects are a nice touch. Since installing it, Satin has yet to leave my master buss.

The full product can be downloaded as a demo on U-he’s site.

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Overall Score 9.0/ 10

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