iRig Voice Microphone Review

iRig Voice Microphone Review

IK Multimedia’s newest product, iRig Voice, is a low-cost, colorful microphone geared towards the karaoke crowd. Hitting the market alongside a free companion app called EZ Voice, iRig Voice comes in five vibrant colors matching those of the new iPhone 5c – green, blue, yellow, pink, and white.

iRig Voice is a $39 microphone intended for singing along to your favorite songs, messing around with vocal effects, and having fun. It’s not intended as a professional mic like IK Multimedia’s upcoming iRig Mic HD, but it’s quite competent for its price range. The mic features an on/off switch, ergonomic design, an oversized strain relief cable, and is optimized for reproduction of the vocal frequency range while minimizing feedback. The mic capsule is encased in an aluminum mesh to protect against drops, and it also features a breathable moisture barrier. Even the thermoplastic casing feels solid and durable (and IK claims the colors won’t fade over the course of time), so even though this is an inexpensive microphone, it’s obviously built to last. The iRig Voice also features a pass-through headphone jack so that you can monitor what you’re recording. The standard 3.5mm headphone jack should work with most iOS cases.

Here are the specs for the iRig Voice mic:

Microphone Type: condenser electret
Polar Pattern: unidirectional/cardioid
Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 15 kHz, -3dB
Maximum Sound Pressure (set for high sound pressure): 105 dB
Distortion: 3% THD at 105 dB, 1 kHz
Windscreen: built-in
Power and Connection: works with iOS and most Android devices (CTIA compatible).

iRig Voice is compatible with a lot of third-party iOS apps, but is built to work with IK Multimedia’s proprietary iRig Voice app. This app makes it incredibly easy to import your favorite songs, remove the vocals, add effects to your voice, and record the performance. Users can tune their vocals, as well as add reverb, delay, filter, compression, chorus, EQ, and more. The app also makes it simple to share your recordings, which a lot of people will surely appreciate.

Overall, iRig Voice is a great entry-level mic for the musically inclined, but could just as easily be used for voiceovers and interviews. The construction is solid, and the sound quality is very good for a mic in this price range. Best of all, everything you need is in the box, so it’s truly plug and play, and even compatible with most Android devices.

Overall Score 9.0/10

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