Hot Toys Man Of Steel Jor-El MMS201 Figure Review

Hot Toys Man Of Steel Jor-El MMS201 Figure Review

Superman fans seem to be a bit split on whether or not Man of Steel was a good film (I personally thought it was great), but one thing is for certain: Hot Toys’ acquisition of the license for the movie has made for some awesome figures. This is a company known for eerily realistic, very accurate collectible figures, and I have to say that the Hot Toys Man of Steel Jor-El MMS201 sixth scale figure is among their absolute best work.

The packaging for the Hot Toys Man Of Steel Jor-El MMS201 figure isn’t very flashy, but it looks nice and has some cool graphics; it sports a magnetic sleeve that opens up to a window. Upon unpacking the figure the first thing that you’ll notice is the incredible head sculpt of Jor-El in Russell Crowe’s likeness. Everything from the eyes, to the wrinkles in the brow, to the detailed skin texture and meticulously sculpted hair look about as accurate as humanly possible. The paint job is done by hand, and it shows – there are no sloppy paint splotches or smears. Hot Toys has raised the bar for themselves once again.

The tailored robe, embossed alien bodysuit and intricately detailed chest and shoulder armor all look phenomenal. Jor-El has a dark red wired cape, which can be positioned into dynamic “poses”. The figure comes with a really cool (and really huge) base with the symbol of the House of El, or the Superman logo. Not only is this base much more eye-catching and unique than the plain black bases that are the norm for Hot Toys figures, but it also has a bendable stand not unlike articulated desk lamps. Though this “flight stand” works quite well and can easily hold the figure in elevated poses, I feel as though it’s not the greatest fit for Jor-El, as he can’t fly like Kal-El does. I had a bit of trouble corking the long stand into a position where it could grasp Jor-El at the waist in a normal standing pose. If the stand was about half of the size that it is, it would be perfect for this particular figure.

The Hot Toys Man Of Steel Jor-El MMS201 figure is equipped with a True Type body with 30 points of articulation, but the costume he happens to be wearing limits his range of motion quite a bit. The chest and shoulder armor pin his arms down a bit, and the robe prevents his legs from moving too far back and forth or side to side, even though his knees are double jointed. It would be great if the armor and robe could be removed to reveal the alien bodysuit that Superman wears, as this would greatly increase his mobility, but the tailoring is so complex that it would probably be a nightmare to take apart and put back together. The neck has a good range of motion, tilting up and down and side to side. Be careful how much you move the neck however, as the notes state to tilt the head into an upwards position prior to rotating the head, otherwise you may mess up the paint job over time. The cape’s wire is appreciated as it helps to create more dynamic poses, as does the articulated stand.

As far as accessories go, Hot Toys Man Of Steel Jor-El MMS201 comes with his Kryptonian blaster gun and the Kryptonion Codex skull, which contains the genetic blueprints for his race. The Codex wasn’t listed in his accessories for the pre-orders so it must be a new addition. Both the blaster and Codex are highly detailed, but that kind of goes without saying when it comes to Hot Toys. He also comes with three pairs of hands: a pair of fists, a pair of relaxed hands, and a pair meant for holding the gun.

Fans of the movie will definitely want to check out the Hot Toys Man Of Steel Jor-El MMS201 figure. He’s a bit light on accessories for his price range – another head sculpt would have been appreciated – and the armor and robes limit his range of motion quite a bit. That said, he looks absolutely stellar on a shelf – this is essentially a one-foot clone of Russell Crowe. If you’re not overly concerned with dynamic poses, there’s not much to complain about here. Overall, this is one of my favorite Hot Toys releases so far. You can pick it up now at Sideshow Collectibles.

Overall Score 9.2/10

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