DC: Teen Titans GO! #1 Review (FCBD)

DC: Teen Titans GO! #1 Review (FCBD)

May 3, 2014 0 By Jason Bakker

DC is putting out two Free Comic Book Day comics in 2014:¬†Futures End #0, a decidedly dark, adult book with Teen Titans GO! #1 Review Free Comic Book Day Covera¬†high degree of violence, and Teen Titans GO! #1, which is a reprint of a book that released last year, with a much more kid-friendly vibe. Teen Titans GO #1 features two stand-alone stories – the first, “Food Fright”, involves a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Cyborg’s sandwiches from the refrigerator. No one wants to own up to taking the sandwiches, so Robin takes it upon himself to investigate and interrogate, detective style. It’s not long before he discovers that it wasn’t someone that’s been committing sandwich thievery, but rather something – a gigantic, demon-possessed Pizza Monster!

“Par for the Course” sees Robin and Beast Boy playing a game of high-stakes miniature golf at “Crisis in 18 Holes”, owned by The Riddler. Longtime DC readers will enjoy the Easter Eggs distributed throughout this story, and it’s obvious that the writers and artists had a blast creating this book. Both stories in Teen Titans GO! #1 feature artwork that looks a lot like the recent Cartoon Network DC Nation series of the same name, with absurd, funny humor throughout. Overall, Teen Titans GO! #1 is a fun book for all ages, and a great pick for Free Comic Book Day.

Overall Score 9.0/ 10

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