DC: Futures End #0 Review (FCBD)

DC: Futures End #0 Review (FCBD)

May 3, 2014 0 By Jason Bakker

DC is putting out two Free Comic Book Day comics in 2014: Futures End #0, a decidedly dark, adult book with a THE NEW 52 FUTURES END Artwork Batman Beyond Wonder Woman Supermanhigh degree of violence, and Teen Titans GO! #1, which is a reprint of a book that released last year, with a much more kid-friendly vibe. In Futures End #0, Batman Beyond makes his debut appearance in the New 52 timeline, as he teams up with a future version of Batman to try and put a stop to a race of machines that are infecting and killing off all of humanity; in fact, all fleshy organisms in general. The looming threat of a robotic legion in a dystopian, apocalyptic future where traveling back to the past is humanity’s last resort reminded me way too much of Marvel’s Age of Ultron series, at least in this first issue. If you can put that out of your mind though, you will probably enjoy Futures End #0.

The machine threat is known only in this book as Brother Eye, referring to a gigantic robotic sentient eye that looms over the horizon, controlling a host of spider-like creatures and turning humanity (and superheroes) into twisted, disturbing cyborg creatures – it’s like a tech-based version of the Dead Space Necromorph virus. The issue starts off with Captain Cold and a few other superhumans hunkering down in a bunker, waiting for The Flash to arrive; Barry Allen makes it through just as the door is about to be closed. Unfortunately, a bunch of Brother Eye’s robotic minions followed him to the lair, and things don’t end very well. With Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and many more under the control of Brother Eye, it’s up to Batman Beyond and Bruce Wayne to travel back to the past and end the life of whoever caused this tragedy to take place. Unfortunately, Batman Beyond arrives 5 years later than intended, where Brother Eye’s plans are already in motion.


It will be interesting to see how Batman and other superheroes will react when Batman Beyond tells the story of the dark future he came from. Will anybody believe him? If Future Bruce’s words are anything to go on, it certainly won’t be easy.

Overall Score 8.5/10