Batman Eternal #1 Review

Batman Eternal #1 Review

Batman Eternal is an all-new weekly series from DC Comics, featuring the talents of artist Jason Fabok, Scott Batman Eternal #1 Cover Jason FabokSnyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, Tim Seeley, and others. Right from the outset of Batman Eternal #1, the incredible art and dramatic opening page grab hold of you, and the intriguing story revolving around James Gordon and a new GCPD recruit will hold your attention until the climactic final pages.


Jason Fabok’s artwork brings Gotham City to life in remarkable detail, with a gritty, shadowy style that perfectly fits this opening chapter of Batman Eternal. Jim Gordon has hand-picked a fresh young recruit to take over his former duties, a man named Jason Bard from Detroit. He gets quite the welcoming committee, as most of his coworkers (especially Major Forbes) hate him before he even steps foot in Gotham, and he walks right into an all-out war in the streets. We get to see Professor Pyg terrorizing a group of children with an armed biplane, and Batman making a grand entrance with the armor he used against the Court of Owls. By the end of Batman Eternal #1, Bard finally gets to meet Gordon face to face, though not exactly under the best circumstances. As Bard is essentially a young version of Gordon, except maybe a bit more naive and innocent, it should be interesting to see how his character grows in the coming issues.


Overall, Batman Eternal #1 is an engaging, action-packed story with a great cliffhanger. The introduction of Jason Bard should make for an interesting dynamic in the coming issues, and I’m interested to see how the mystery introduced  in the book’s final pages plays out.

Overall Score 9.0/10

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