NECA Thor: The Dark World 1/4 Scale Figure Review

NECA Thor: The Dark World 1/4 Scale Figure Review

April 10, 2014 0 By Jason Bakker
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Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World recently debuted in theaters, and with its release a swarm of figures depicting the titular character have been put into production. Thor is the latest Marvel character to join the ranks of NECA’s 1/4 scale line, offering an 18-inch quality recreation of the Dark World costume and Chris Hemsworth’s likeness in the film. With nearly 30 points of articulation, a soft fabric cape and a movie-accurate Mjolnir hammer, fans of the film will definitely want to give the NECA Thor: The Dark World 1/4 Scale Figure a look.

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The packaging for the NECA Thor: The Dark World 1/4 Scale Figure is enormous. The figure itself is 18 inches and the packaging is almost 21 inches, and it just looks massive in person. The detail on the packaging is well done, with a view window in the shape of Thor’s Mjolnir hammer and a lightning effect surrounding it. When you go to open this figure up, be sure to have some wire cutters handy, as there are about 100 twisties holding this big guy in place. Ok, maybe not that many, but there’s quite a few and it’s obvious that NECA didn’t want to to take any chances as far as the figure being damaged in transit. The sides of the box feature photos of the figure, and the back has a bio on Thor, essentially recapping the first film.

Thor’s Mjolnir hammer has quite a bit of detail to it, from the rivets in the handle, to the pliable strap, to the detailed etchings on the hammer itself. It has a decent weight to it, and the brushed paintjob looks great and gives the hammer a nice shine in the light.

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The head sculpt on the NECA Thor: The Dark World 1/4 Scale Figure is acceptable, but definitely leaves something to be desired. It’s obvious that it’s supposed to be Chris Hemsworth, but the execution is a bit off. The eyebrows are too large, and the sculpt makes him look a bit too old. It’s certainly not a bad likeness, it’s just not dead-on. Still, it looks like the comics version of the character, and if you’re not looking for a perfect likeness of Chris Hemsworth then it’s not a big deal (for that, check out the Hot Toys Thor: The Dark World figure).

The hair sculpt looks very good, with lots of nice paint detail and a few pliable locks of hair on either side of Thor’s face. There’s a slight wind-blown effect to it as well, and in the right lighting the beard looks pretty good as well. The braids that are sculpted throughout the hair is a nice bit of detail.

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The armor on the NECA Thor: The Dark World 1/4 Scale Figure looks fantastic, and is probably the highlight of this particular figure. The armor plating is incredibly detailed, and the paint job looks stellar. The bits of bronze plating look a bit weathered and all of the metallic parts of the suit look just right. Everything from the gauntlets, to the skirt, to the shin guards and boots look movie accurate. The cape is beautifully created as well, offering more of a flat material on the inside, and a shiny, silky material on the outside. It’s quite large and flows very well, and it can be removed by taking off two pieces of armor plating on Thor’s chest. When the cape is removed, you can see some nice detail on Thor’s back and calves.

For the size and heft of this figure, it has a good amount of articulation. The head can be moved up and down and side to side, though the hair sculpt prevents the neck from moving as much as it probably could without it. The shoulders can rotate outwards and inwards towards the chest, and there’s a swivel on the biceps as well. The elbow has a bit of flexibility, and the legs can be moved forward and backward a bit — the legs can even be moved into a bit of a split. The upper thighs and boots have a bit of rotation on them, and the ankles can move as well, so in general you can get quite a few creative poses out of this figure. That said, he is very heavy, and it takes some doing to get him into a stance where he won’t tip over.

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Overall, if you’re a fan of the films, the NECA Thor: The Dark World 1/4 Scale Figure certainly might interest you. While the face sculpt isn’t 100% accurate, in general the figure looks great, and has a good range of flexibility. The figure is absolutely massive and very heavy, and feels like it’s built to last.┬áThe hair sculpt, armor plating, and cloth cape look amazing, and there is a ton of detail on everything from the rivets in the suit to the veins in Thor’s arms and the wrinkles in his Mjolnir-gripping hand.

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