Regular Show: Mordecai and Margaret Pack Review

Regular Show: Mordecai and Margaret Pack Review

For the uninitiated, Cartoon Network’s Regular Show is anything but. For starters, it features a cast of anthropomorphic characters such as birds Mordecai and Margaret, a raccoon named Rigby, lollipops, gumball machines, and even a Yeti voiced by Mark Hamill. Each episode of Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby Pack begins with a relatively normal premise — such as Mordecai trying to impress Margaret’s alpha-male father — but everything quickly turns trippy and surreal, with plenty of supernatural elements finding their way into each episode’s 11-minute runtime. The overarching theme of this particular collection of episodes is love, as Mordecai struggles to express his feelings to his crush Margaret, leading to many zany, very humorous situations.

Rigby (William Salyers) and Mordecai (voiced by Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel) work as groundskeepers at a park, and they spend practically every waking moment together as best buds. Throughout almost all of the 16 episodes, Rigby and his friends are constantly pressuring Mordecai to make a move on Margaret, but Mordecai is extremely shy and freezes up in terror whenever they share a quiet moment together. With the help of time travel, black magic, the ghosts of 80s dancers who partied so hard that they died, meteors, Father Time, and more, Mordecai finally gets to kiss Margaret. But it doesn’t finish on a particularly high note, as “Steak Me Amadeus” ends with Margaret telling Mordecai that she can’t be his girlfriend — she got accepted into the college of her dreams and has to move away. Oh well, at least Rigby’s around to help him through hard times. Side note: at least two of the episodes focus on Muscle Man and Starla’s relationship, which is a bit odd, but I guess it still fits into the romance theme.

While the romantic tension between Mordecai and Margaret probably worked well with these episodes sprinkled throughout four or five seasons of Regular Show, it gets a bit grating seeing Mordecai’s self-doubt creep in on just about every episode here. It just feels as though most of the episodes on this disk follow the same pattern, although many times it leads to hilarious circumstances. Similarly, just about every episode of Regular Show begins with a simple enough premise — like Mordecai and Rigby working extra hours to secure concert tickets — but in the last five minutes or so, without fail, things always get downright insane. In one episode, Mordecai and Rigby accidentally break Margaret’s diary when watering her plants. To fix the situation, they call upon their friend Skips’ supernatural powers to clone the diary, but it all goes haywire and the three must battle the gigantic guardian of Margaret’s secrets before she destroys the planet.

Once I watched a few episodes and got used to the show’s wild antics, Regular Show quickly became one of my new favorite cartoons (Netflix has most of the episodes, FYI). The Mordecai and Margaret Pack is a solid collection of sixteen hilarious episodes, and I highly recommend it to fans of the series and those with a twisted sense of humor.

Overall Score 9.5/ 10

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