The Fox #5 Review

The Fox #5 Review

At the outset of The Fox #5 (Archie Comics), The Shield is in a dive bar recounting a World War II memory, where he teamed up with Japan’s Hachi-Man, Germany’s Master Race and The Fox against Druid. Druid is a gigantic supervillain with godlike powers, and he intends to reshape the world in his image. The Fox shows up (through time travel) as the voice of ┬áreason, telling The Shield and his enemies that they need to put aside their differences for the moment, if they want to stop Druid from taking over the entire world.


The Fox #5 Review Archie Comics CoverThe four temporary allies eventually deal with Druid by… combining their collective consciousness into a giant entity called “Unity” and…um…disintegrating him with happy hippie vibes or something. To be honest, there’s a lot of groan-inducing “let’s all hold hands and stop fighting” stuff throughout The Fox #5, and while I’m all for a message of peace and brotherly love, writer/ artist Dean Haspiel really beats you over the head with it in a ham-fisted, clumsy script. The artwork is pretty great though, aside from a few anatomy issues – I loved the textures used on things like laser beams.


This is my first time reading a book starring The Fox, and I didn’t know what to expect. My thoughts after finishing The Fox #5 is that the character seems similar to Spider-Man, with his sarcastic quips and similar uniform, and especially in the comically animated eye expressions. He’s even a photo-journalist, apparently. He’s an interesting enough character, but I think he needs something else aside from the Freak Magnet thing to set him apart from his peers.

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