Hot Toys The Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure Review

Hot Toys The Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure Review

February 9, 2014 1 By Jason Bakker
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Spidey fans have been waiting a very long time for the Hot Toys The Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure, which was originally set to release in Q4 2012. Patience is a virtue though, because this is one of the best Spider-Man figures ever released.

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As usual, Hot Toys has put in a ton of work to get the likeness of actor Andrew Garfield down, and the paint job is fantastic – his skin looks almost real and the bloody scratch marks across his face actually appear wet. The Spider-Man mask and suit also appear very realistic – it’s about as screen-accurate as possible at 1/6th scale. You can easily make out small details like the hexagon scales covering the suit, and the material feels like I imagine the real thing does – stretchy but durable. The black webbing is raised a bit, and the entire suit appears to be one stitched-together piece, apart from the hands and mask – which could be troublesome if the body ever broke and needed to be replaced. On the mask, the eye lenses look great, echoing the film’s yellow-tinted sunglass lenses.

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Even the controversial sneakers are lovingly recreated, even though most people won’t even notice them. I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I’m in the minority that prefers this suit to the suit from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There isn’t a lot in the way of included accessories, but there are 4 webs, 4 extra pairs of hands and a set of extra hand pegs included, which is appreciated.

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The Hot Toys The Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure is highly articulated and very poseable. Prior to receiving my review unit from Sideshow Collectibles, I had come across a few videos on YouTube showcasing a bad shoulder joint on the figure, and sure enough mine came with a warning not to raise the arms above 80 degrees. Apparently the problems with the shoulder joint were exclusive to the first production run late last year, and the figure was delayed again until January because of it. I heeded the warning and tried to be as gentle as possible with the figure when posing it, and so far the shoulder joint has held up fine. I did hear a few creaks in the joints when posing, which scared me a bit, but nothing has broken as of yet – and hopefully it never will.

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One thing that does affect poseability is the suit – while the fabric is durable, the trade-off is that when attempting to bend the legs at extreme angles, the suit pulls them back in place a bit. While this issue is understandable — leaving too much slack in the suit would make it ill-fitting during relaxed poses — it does affect the figure’s range of motion a bit. Also, while Spider-Man comes with the default Hot Toys stand, this isn’t sufficient for getting the figure into extreme poses like we’ve seen in the promotional pictures. Somehow the stars aligned and I was able to get him into one pretty cool swinging pose while sitting on the default stand, but I could have done a lot more with a proper flight stand. Also, while the web shooters appear in the proper place when the figure is in a relaxed position, the suit moves a bit when the arms are raised up. This makes the web shooters veer off to the side a bit, which breaks the illusion that the webs are coming out of the shooters.

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Overall though, I know this was a tough figure to get right, and Hot Toys has done a spectacular job with their Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure. The Andrew Garfield likeness is spot-on, the figure features a high degree of flexibility, and the suit is incredibly detailed while feeling like it would hold up over time. While the suit affects the poseability somewhat, and a flight stand really should have been included along with a few more accessories (such as Peter Parker’s camera and backpack), there’s not much else to complain about here. Highly recommended for Spidey fans. You can pick him up now at Sideshow Collectibles.

Overall Score 9.0/10

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