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GAMDIAS EROS Surround Sound Headset Review

GAMDIAS EROS Surround Sound Headset Review

A new player in the field of gaming accessories, GAMDIAS have brought us the EROS Headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound. The company’s motto is to set the bar high for quality, but also to go above and beyond in designs. So how does the GAMDIAS EROS Surround Headset stack up against the big names in gaming headsets? The quick answer is very well, and at a very practical price point that will catch the attention of gamers looking for an upgrade without breaking the bank.

One of the slogans of GAMDIAS is “Gaming Art in Motion”, and that is readily apparent in the style of the EROS headset. While some gamers may not be swayed by just the appearance of a headset, the EROS does have a cool, futuristic glossy look with sharp angles and a nice red and black color scheme. While the glossy parts of the headset can attract fingerprints, it is a nice design choice that gives it a very edgy look.

The EROS is fitted with a red and black braided cable that is 3 meters in length with a gold plated USB connector. The cable has an inline remote control with digital buttons and red LEDs that allows you to mute the microphone and the audio individually, as well as give you control over the volume itself. The implementation of muting the audio was pleasing as it lowered and raised in a quick swell, instead of jumping from silence to loud and jolting your ears. While it is nice to have these options available right on the cable, the only issue I had with the LEDs is that they are unfortunately always “on”. It doesn’t seem like a major issue at first until you realize there is no way to tell if your mic has been muted or not. While not a huge negative point, it would be nice to have an LED indicator be useful instead of having to check for a mic level in a software setting.

One of the most impressive physical aspects of the EROS headset is how comfortable it is to wear. While not a small headset, GAMDIAS have succeeded in making the ear-cups and cushioning so comfortable that over time you forget that you are wearing the headset, even after several  hours. The ear cups also provide decent noise isolation which is adequate for home gaming. The microphone attached to the left ear is permanently attached. Its movement is stiff in a ratchet-like sequence which thankfully did not move during gaming sessions. The microphone was very clear when tested in chat sessions.

It is worth noting that the EROS is very loud, and I had to keep the audio level in the Windows sound panel at around 10-15% or less. The speakers produce a prominent bass tone, which helps accurately portray effects such as explosions or gunshots, but it can be downright head rattling at loud levels. I viewed the “loudness” of the headphones as a product of quality speakers — especially considering the loud bass is countered by good clarity and full tone — but it is a good idea to keep the volume low when using this headset and adjusting the level incrementally with the controls provided on the cable.

The big selling point of the EROS is its implementation of virtual 7.1 surround. When tested in gaming and HD movies, I can say that the effect is impressive and accurate for two speaker virtualization. The effect is initiated in the EROS software driver (downloadable from the GAMDIAS website) which allows you to set the System Input from 2 channels up to 8, then set DSP effect to 7.1 virtual. I tested the surround accuracy and tone with several Action and FPS titles including Tomb Raider, Battlefield 3, Skyrim and the Titanfall beta. Overall the effect was great, providing nice tone and separation from in-game music and sound effects. The effect was very immersive and well executed for a virtualization, with enough accuracy to give the player a location of an enemy player based on sound, which is what most players want in a surround sound headset for gaming.

Testing on Dolby/ DTS surround movies was impressive as well. The EROS was able to accurately produce everything from loud explosions to quiet dialogue evenly and clearly, with enough bass and resonance that you wouldn’t miss your subwoofer. While the surround effect was not as pronounced as in the games, it was still more immersive than a basic pair of stereo headphones. Music also sounded great, though it is advised to change the software setting back to 2CH and turn the DSP effect off for accurate reproduction of music. Listening to anything from classic rock to metal and hip hop sounded great, as rich bass tones helped provide a full sound.

GAMDIAS have a winner here with the EROS Surround Sound headset. Its quality feel, comfort, design, and most importantly sound combined with a low price compared to other surround headsets is just what GAMDIAS needs to make a name for themselves in the gaming accessory field. Gamers looking to upgrade their current headsets without breaking the bank should give the EROS a listen.

Overall Score 8.5/10

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