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CM Punk Quits WWE, Matt Hardy and Wife Arrested

CM Punk Quits WWE, Matt Hardy and Wife Arrested

WWE Superstar CM Punk has reportedly left the WWE, apparently miffed about the way the wrestling organization has utilized him and other Superstars lately. With Batista having come back after four years and stealing the spotlight away from wrestlers who have been working their asses off at house shows and overseas, it’s easy to see why Punk (and the rest of the locker room) would be upset.


When Batista eliminated Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble and won the opportunity to main event this year’s WrestleMania, fans were outraged, and it appears CM Punk didn’t take too kindly to this creative decision either. TMZ Sports is reporting that CM Punk feels that he’s earned the right to main event WrestleMania, while Batista is not in great wrestling shape. Instead of being featured in the main event of WrestleMania 30, Punk was set to face off against Triple H at the event. Punk left RAW on Monday (he was on the card) and no-showed Smackdown, so these reports appear to be true. Unless Vince McMahon and Punk can come to some sort of agreement, we might not see Punk back in WWE for awhile, if ever – he’s stated that he plans on retiring in the near future. Other Superstars, such as fan-favorite Daniel Bryan, have also expressed disdain with how they’re being (under)utilized.


As if wrestling fans weren’t having a bad enough day, it turns out that Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky have both been arrested for beating the hell out of each other – and from the mugshots TMZ has posted, it seems like Matt got the worst of it. They were arrested at a hotel in Virginia, and Matt Hardy had scratch marks all over his face, while Reby Sky appeared a bit bruised up. Both Matt and Reby were arrested and forced to pay $3,500 bail. It seems that they both got restraining orders against each other, but soon after were posting pics of each other on social media and are reportedly still together. Remember back when Jeff Hardy was the weird one?

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