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Astro A50 Wireless Headset Battlefield 4 Edition Review

Astro A50 Wireless Headset Battlefield 4 Edition Review

With all the hype surrounding Battlefield 4, a slew of related accessories and peripherals have been making the rounds. Astro Gaming has contributed to that lineup with the Astro A50 Wireless Headset Battlefield 4 Edition, one of the very best gaming headsets I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.


At roughly $300 US, the Astro A50 Battlefield 4 Edition offers incredible wireless Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. This headset works on all current-gen consoles and PC, and will work with next-gen platforms after an upcoming patch (now live for PlayStation 4). The package also includes exclusive DLC for Battlefield 4, a set of dog tags for your online character. The headphones themselves are essentially the same as the original A50s, but sport an exclusive orange and black paintjob with the Battlefield logo on the ears.


The sound profile is also optimized specifically for Battlefield 4, which unfortunately I couldn’t test as I don’t own that game. That said, the Astro A50s sounded absolutely fantastic on every game, movie and TV show I threw at them. This headset sports balanced, accurate sound and tight bass – a sufficient amount that’s not overbearing, with variable EQ settings. The headset features a frequency range of 20hz to 20 khz, which is quite impressive.


Astro A50 Wireless Headset Battlefield 4 Edition Review 2


The Astro A50s are in essence a combination of Astro’s mixamp and the A40 wireless systems in one streamlined package. There’s a display stand, a flip-up mute functionality on the microphone, EQ modes, a volume wheel, a game/ voice balance knob, as well as a 7.1 on/ off button on the mixamp. You set the A50s up by plugging your PC or console’s optical cable into the back of the transmitter. The receiver is powered by a USB connection that works on all consoles and PC, which then wirelessly transmits the audio to the headset. On Xbox 360, players will have to use an included cable from the headset to the controller, but other consoles and PC can simply hook up via USB and select the device from the settings menu. A USB out on the headphones allows them to be charged when not in use.


The Astro A50s feature a closed-back design, which seals in the audio, preventing leakage. This is especially important for those playing games like Battlefield 4 at night while people are trying to sleep – explosions and chaotic gunfire will be restricted to your ears only. Similarly, the microphone works very well and picks up your voice even when speaking softly – also great for late-night gaming sessions. The headphones themselves are very well-designed, with a bold, sleek look that’s definitely eye-catching. They look quite similar to the standard A50s, except the wiring and highlights are orange instead of red. The only real fault I could find is that the headset is not technically wireless on Xbox 360, since the mic cable has to be connected to the controller for chat.


Overall, the Astro A50 Battlefield 4 Edition is definitely a worthwhile investment for those looking for unparalleled audio and craftsmanship quality in a wireless gaming headset. They’re comfortable, easy to set up, beautifully designed, and the speakers pack a lot of punch. Astro has raised the bar, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they conjure up in the future.

Overall Score 9.5/ 10