RoboCop – New Trailer and Stills

RoboCop – New Trailer and Stills

Sony Pictures has just released the first trailer and some stills from their upcoming RoboCop reboot, planned for release in 2014. The film is directed by Joseph Padilha and stars Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy.



In RoboCop, OmniCorp is a military weapons conglomerate that specializes in robot technology that has controversially been used in warfare overseas. Detroit cop Alex Murphy is mortally wounded while attempting to combat the local criminals, and OmniCorp seizes the opportunity to create the world’s first human/ robot hybrid. They believe that a RoboCop in every city could earn them billions, but soon Alex’s instincts and humanity take over and OmniCorp realizes he is no longer under their control.


RoboCop 2014 Black Suit Joel Kinnaman




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