Harbinger #15 Review

Harbinger #15 Review

“Holy crap! I can’t even..she…wha? But wait…what?”


Harbinger #15 Review 1Such is all the eloquence, word for word, I could muster by the time I finished Harbinger #15. For those that don’t know, this latest issue begins the starting point of a whole new arc. Needing a break from the trivial, menial task of taking on the world’s most powerful villain, the team travels across Vegas in search of fun and relaxation, finding succor in each other’s company (some more than others). The beginnings of Harbinger presented a team, largely focused on the supposed leader and his gathering of allies with which to fight against Harada. If this issue is any indication, the current storyline will begin a deeper exploration into the character dynamics, beginning with Kris.


Not only does Kris find comfort in an unexpected teammate, but her inner demons burst forth in numbing, lethal consequence. The team will be forever altered by losses of as-yet untold potential, the issue ending with merely the beginnings of tragedy.

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