That Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Was Revealed A Bit Early, According To Director

That Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Was Revealed A Bit Early, According To Director

Square Enix dropped a massive bombshell at E3 when it revealed the trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. But according to director Tetsuya Nomura, it was released a bit early to appease the fans.


Gamers went into paroxysms of hysteria when Square Enix revealed the trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at Sony’s press conference at E3. The game was announced for PS4 and XBox One, but at this point is just a teaser, as no release date or other info has yet been given. Square appears to have kept the updated textures and lighting to a minimum in favour of the series’ iconic vibrant colours, but the game still looks as beautiful as ever.



However, now it seems that those slightly scaled-down graphics may have to do with the fact that the game is very early in development. In an interview with, director Tetsuya Nomura stated that the Kingdom Hearts III reveal may have been a bit premature. They decided to reveal the game alongside Final Fantasy XV because fans were getting tired of waiting – after all, it’s been almost eight years since Kingdom Hearts II came out. “There have been a lot of spin-off games since Kingdom Hearts 2 and a lot of fans were probably getting anxious, so we made the announcement together with Final Fantasy XV.” Nomura stated, adding, “Considering where we are in development, it may have been a little early.” Considering the possibility that the next Kingdom Hearts could include new Disney properties such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Marvel, it should be worth the wait.


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