Harbinger Wars #2 Review

Harbinger Wars #2 Review

The story, characters and artwork of Harbinger continue to enthrall.


Harbinger Wars #2 Review CoverIt seems the Harbinger world has been flipped on its head. In Harbinger #2, Harada has taken to the field, his ideas of ‘mercy’ leaving something to be desired. Tempers and psionic powers flare to life as children war at the behest of cold, powerful men, many not yet in control of their own powers. Several characters and their capabilities are introduced, and there’s even a bit of cross-over fun to stand in Harada’s way, albeit with moderate success.


Our heroes are nowhere to be found at first, this issue focusing on team Harada and later introducing a third-party threat that could either be the help of one side of the bane of both. Much is yet to be discovered. I do feel the comic has done some pretty severe jumping around, to a level approaching disconcerting, but the story, characters and artwork continue to enthrall. Here’s to hoping for some upcoming, beefy bits of storyline to lay the missing groundwork.

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