Fire Emblem DLC Censored In North America

Fire Emblem DLC Censored In North America

Fire Emblem’s new DLC has a bit of unexpected censoring in North America and Europe, regarding Tharja’s somewhat revealing swimsuit.


Today, Fire Emblem: Awakening received a new DLC map. The DLC, called Summer Scramble, has strangely been censored in North America and Europe. The censoring centers around character Tharja‘s butt.


Everything else about the Fire Emblem DLC was left unchanged from the Japanese version except Tharja’s somewhat revealing swimsuit, which has been censored by pulling a curtain over her. Very strange indeed. Here’s the censored image followed by the uncensored version.


Fire Emblem Awakening DLC - Tharja Butt Censored



Fire Emblem Awakening DLC - Tharja Butt Uncensored



What do you think about Nintendo’ strange censoring? Are you happy our virgin North American and European eyes have been shielded from this travesty? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem DLC Censored In North America

  1. This has irked me to no end. The girl was just in a bikini, I highly doubt those truly to young to see it would understand any sexual connotation. And those they just ‘think’ are too young are already looking at far worse on the internet.

    Besides, is it just me, or is the censored version more suggestive then the original? With the curtain in the way, she could be doing a lot more with that hidden hand than she was in the uncensored version. Just sayin’ >_>

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