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Opinion: First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume

Opinion: First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume

Director Marc Webb has pulled back the curtain on the design for the Spider-Man suit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He hinted in November that there would be some costume tweaks, and it appears he was very serious. As he promised, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume features way bigger eyes, and raised webbing in a pattern very similar to the Sam Raimi trilogy’s costume. In fact, if Marc Webb had not tweeted this picture of the larger eyes, I would think that this was just a decent photoshop by a talented fan.



First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume Marc Webb Tweet Bigger Eye



I really don’t understand the need for altering the costume- I personally felt that the costume in ASM was a great mix of old and new, even throwing in a bit of the Ben Reilly and 2099 suit for good measure, and it gave the new Spider-Man his own identity. Now it feels like they’re backtracking, which is odd given the main criticism leveled at TASM- it was too similar to the original movie with Tobey Maguire. Here is the first picture, courtesy of ComingSoon.net:


First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume Marc Webb


The giant eyes certainly give it the look of the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, but I personally feel that it’s just way too cartoony. He doesn’t look nearly as menacing as he did in the ASM costume, and the enlarged eyes look even goofier given Andrew Garfield’s tiny frame. I will give credit where credit is due- the new suit truly does look like the comic Spidey come to life, it’s perfect in that regard; but as we know, what works in comics doesn’t necessarily work on the big screen. For a great example, take Captain America’s suit from The Avengers- Joss Whedon wanted the exact comic Cap look, and he achieved that, but at the cost of Chris Evans looking goofy, awkward and uncomfortable. The redesigned, more realistic take used in The First Avenger worked much better.


I feel as though this new suit will be a distraction on film. I really hope that this is just a costume test to judge fan reaction, but from what I’ve heard the movie is already under production. With recent news that Jamie Foxx will be playing Electro (which I’m ok with, other fans weren’t) and Paul Giamatti is playing Rhino (which just made me sigh with disappointment), it seems as though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t going to live up to my expectations- but here’s hoping they prove me wrong. At least they got Emma Stone back for the sequel.


Here’s a look at the Amazing Spider-Man’s costume from the first movie, in a similar pose for comparison:


First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume Marc Webb - Original Costume Comparison


And here’s a comparison shot of both costumes head to head. Which one do you think is better? Vote in our poll below!


First Look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume -  Comparison Both Costumes




  • RCNR

    uhm..i think the texture of costume in ASM is much better than ASM-2..i like the bigger eye anyway..

    • http://www.metalarcade.net Jason Bakker

      Yeah, I think the texture of the first suit, and design in general was much better. This looks too similar to the Tobey Maguire suit.

  • RCNR

    COSTUME in ASM + Bigger eye..^^

  • MARVELous

    I didn’t like that basketball texture in ASM. And I didn’t like that straight grid pattern. The new one has the correct web pattern with the curved lines, which looks great. The Tobey suit was nice except that the webs looked too fragile and loose and had a weird light grayish color to them. This new suit makes them black as they should be, and they look more a part of the suit. They basically take what was good about Tobey’s suit and fixed what wasn’t. And the new eyes look awesome. They are supposed to look big and alieny, that’s the point. The new suit is great!

    • Aaron

      The eyes originally were really small like in the first ASM. Only got bigger in the comics during McFarlane/ Bagley era, which looks good in comics but kinda weird on screen. I agree about the webs tho