• jnopeyton

    i buy this controller last month. and its the worst day ever of my life! because its really hard to use.

  • nskyiee

    My first Razer Onza broke with three months of use; Dead Analog stick, its warranty replacement failed two months later; dead triggers. A quick search and you will see that this product’s failures are numerous.You won’t even glance at these devices when you play.

  • jlostom

    Please fix the controller for the continuing my game.

  • leonardo.bazz

    This is the by far the lousiest controller I have ever encountered. It is only a waste of money! this controller is very hard to use.

  • jhonsonthomas85

    too expensive for a simple looking device.It cannot have a trackball in
    place of the analog sticks. and the trigger is easy to break. and easy
    to crack. low class material.

  • etambokani

    It’s freaking garbage. I’m on my 4th controller and bought the first
    one in Nov 2012. I had to return every single one because either the
    left thumb stick stopped working, the left or right trigger stopped
    working, or the A button stopped working. Very frustrating,

  • sosajaimeeh

    ‘ve got mine and after reading loads of comments on the net how it had
    faults and problems, I’ve decided that’s all superstition. Guess what? I
    was wrong, it had a faulty analog stick and I’ve returned it. Don’t get
    me wrong, I’ve been using Razer products quite a lot, as well as at the
    moment, but you’ve really let the ball go with this one.

  • friddiem

    after several game play of days. It started having problems,
    both stick tension controller had to be adjusted again and again. Please fix
    your product wisely.Please fix your product wisely.

  • emarsaha

    bumpers wrapped a little too far down the shoulders, my fingers would somehow press them while operating the triggers. Using the sticks causes the triggers to fire uncontrollably,
    renders the controller unusable, bad creaky triggers from new.

  • kinethbishop

    Its has reajustible triggers. Trigger stops. way better looking, and the paddles are much easier to use then they are on the onza.
    The improvements on the
    sabertooth are very nice however I’m not sure if I’d personally trust buying
    another Razer product. Premium priced products should feel like premium priced
    products and Razer’s stuff have always felt fairly cheap.

  • jmorangboots

    Got mine recently, it
    seems to be dead. Have tried every port on my xbox and pc, nothing. Weirdest
    part is when plugged, in it will turn on my xbox but do nothing else. (no
    lights or connect) Really sad, have to go through the RMA process with Razer
    again, did that enough with my sabertooth.

  • hvernono

    once I got use to the extra button(s) this controller was perfect I had my right button set to jump so mid fight I could jump and then drop winning most gun fights, after a year or so the rubbers on both toggles have worn down to the point i took them off, I didn’t use the left extra button as it was unconformable to use the way I hold my controller.