PowerA Giving Away Free MOGA Systems and Modern Combat 4

PowerA Giving Away Free MOGA Systems and Modern Combat 4

Want a free MOGA Mobile Gaming System and Modern Combat 4?


Gameloft and PowerA have revealed that their newest iOS/ Android FOS Modern Combat 4 has been developed from the ground up for MOGA Mobile Gaming System optimization. MOGA is a new controller add-on for Android devices, which essentially allows you to play its games as if it were on a console.


MOGA Modern Combat 4 News 1



In a really awesome promotion, PowerA is giving away free MOGA units for free, and on top of that they’re giving away codes for Modern Combat 4. Check out their site for more info. I have no idea how they can do something like this, but it will surely bring them lots of positive press and hype. The MOGA is usually $50, and Modern Combat 4 is $6.99, so that’s an incredible deal- all you need to pay is shipping and handling.


Their site is getting completely hammered at the moment, but it states that the offer is still on and they will be back up and running soon. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this awesome offer!


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