New York Comic Con 2012: Day 2

New York Comic Con 2012: Day 2

Ongoing coverage of the 2012 New York Comic Con.


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More stuff started showing up at the show room floor at NYCC 2012 on Friday. This is when the fun really begins. Let’s kick things off with how the entrance lobby looked this morning:


New York Comic Con 2012 Day 2 Crowd



If you take issue with being in large crows, like I do, you need not come. It’s taken several deep breaths and forays to the outside for some fresh-air breaks to keep myself going through this one. I assure you, though, this was well worth it!



This particular shot was taken within the Marvel Comics booth. Everyone on stage looks downright amazing. Oh, speaking of people in costume, make sure you keep an eye out for our future posts in the days ahead. I’ll be posting images of Comic Con attendees in cosplay.


New York Comic Con 2012 Day 2 Captain America The Avengers



These guys were hiding behind that giant Gundam model we posted yesterday. While I don’t collect these myself, these figures make it very tempting to start shelling cash out. I didn’t. I was a good boy. But I so want one…and by one I mean all of them.


New York Comic Con 2012 Day 2 Gundam Figures



This dance stage is located at UbiSoft’s booth, featuring Just Dance 4. Throughout the day, this became the hub of excitement on the floor as fans came on stage to engage in dance-offs. No, I totally was not one of them.


New York Comic Con 2012 Day 2 Just Dance Stage




Here’s the Snail Games booth. They had playable demos of the soon-to-be-released (a beta offering will be available in November, 2012) Age of Wushu. They were kind enough to give Metal Arcade a special sneak peek at this game, so be sure to keep an eye out for our write-up on that!


New York Comic Con 2012 Day 2 Snail Games Age Of Wushu



Capcom’s booth, showcasing playable demos of Lost Planet 3.


New York Comic Con 2012 Day 2 Capcom Booth



We’ll close out the post of today’s coverage with these two newcomers to the Lego booth. Yes, I touched them. They’re made of the wonderful blocks we’re all so familiar with. More to come tomorrow!


New York Comic Con 2012 Day 2 Lord Of The Rings Lego


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