Insomniac Reveals New IP Fuse

Insomniac Reveals New IP Fuse

Insomniac has been working hard behind the scenes on a new IP, and they revealed it today. Formerly called Overstrike, the new game will be called Fuse, and features third-person, four player co-op action. The name Fuse refers to a deadly substance in the game that a terrorist organization has gotten a hold of. It’s up to your team, Overstrike 9, to take down the bad guys and stop a global arms race.



Each member of the squad has different Fuse-powered weapons and abilities. One has a shield that doubles as portable cover and can unleash a devastating energy beam that liquifies enemies. Another launches med beacons and shoots a substance that crystallizes and shatters enemies. Another can cloak. In single player mode, you’ll be able to use the LEAP function to jump between characters in a pinch.



Fuse definitely sounds like it could be interesting, and the graphics are already looking sharper than the Resistance games. Look for Fuse in March 2013.

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