UnoTelly Service Review

UnoTelly Service Review

Too far out to watch your favorite shows on Hulu Plus? Can’t gain access to HBOGO because of your location? UnoTelly is a great resource for those who continuously have limits on their online content accessibility. As a college student, it also provides a great alternative to cable television so all of your favorite video-watching resources are in one spot!


Other Hulu and Netflix VPN services are offered to provide a lift on geographic censorship, but UnoTelly is not as complicated and expensive as these services. UnoTelly is $4.95/month for a premium account and $7.95/month for gold account, no more expensive than Netflix or Hulu! Set-up is provided with step-by-step instructions and a “set-up wizard” that not only provides step-by-step instructions with text, but also video for those who are visual learners. I had it set up in a matter of minutes and I am no IT expert. You just have to change the IP address of the DNS servers, just as the instructions say, and you can get access. UnoTelly unblocks the limited content you want at that moment so it does not eat up bandwith, thus the speed and quality is top notch.


UnoTelly can be used on the PC, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, and other devices as long as they are all on the same network. Though services like UnoTelly are usually advertised for those outside of a viewing country, I liked using it as an alternative to cable television. I can have it on my Xbox 360 and watch my favorite shows on channels like Netflix, HBOGO, Crackle, and Hulu all in one convenient place. Some channels do require a paid account while others may require registration. I even found some channels on here I did not even know about, or “apps” that are not included yet on my Xbox like If you are having trouble viewing your favorite shows outside of the country, or are just a college student dying to catch up on your favorite CW show, you might consider trying UnoTelly. You can try it free with an 8-day trial from UnoTelly’s website. Don’t drown in expensive VPN services or cable fees, check out UnoTelly and see for yourself.

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