WWE ’13 Revealed – Screens And Info

WWE ’13 Revealed – Screens And Info

THQ has officially revealed WWE ’13. As a die-hard WWE fan, I’ve been anticipating its release ever since last year’s WWE ’12 came out (which I still play to this day; review here). It seems as though THQ is once again making incremental changes, rather than completely overhauling the game, but as they say, it it ain’t broke…



However, THQ has been listening, and has added a lot of cool new things to this year’s edition. There are now context sensitive “Power Moves” which you can see one of in the trailer above, when Mark Henry suplexes Big Show and breaks the ring. You’ll be able to ram opponents through ringside barriers, do “intercept” finishers like you see whenever Randy Orton RKOs an uppity high-flyer, and more. You can also set a certain number of finishers to start a match with, and you can finally control your tag team partner when he’s not tagged in, so you can attack the other team and stop them from breaking up the legal man’s pin. There’s also a new option called “Match Experience”  with three settings- Quick, Normal and Epic, which will set the tone of the match, as far as momentum, damage rates, etc. Pinning is now determined by not just the opponent’s damage, but also the ferocity of the move that was just executed.


Yuke’s is even completely changing the Story mode. There’s no longer a “Road to WrestleMania”. Now, there’s Attitude Era mode. You’ll be able to play as 8 stars from that era. I, for one, am definitely excited to see what THQ and Yuke’s bring to the table when WWE ’13 is released later this year – October 30th, to be exact. Check out some screens below!



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