Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012

Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012

We’ve been taking a poll the last month or so, asking our readers what games they are most looking forward to this year. The results are in. Here are your top 5 most anticipated games of 2012!


5. Twisted Metal


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012 Twisted Metal


Twisted Metal released last month and has gotten rave reviews, considered to be a great return to form for the franchise, which hadn’t seen a release since 2001’s Twisted Metal Black. David Jaffe and company managed to hit this one out of the park.


4. Diablo 3


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012 Diablo 3


This upcoming dark fantasy action- RPG has been in development for ages, first being announced in June 2008. The PC crowd is heavily anticipating this one, although it’s currently uncertain whether Diablo 3 will see release on consoles.


3. SSX


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012 SSX


SSX is yet another return to form, this time from EA. This is another series that hasn’t seen a great release since the early 2000’s, but this new reboot is getting great reviews and just debuted a few days ago. Download the demo on PSN and Xbox LIVE, it’s fantastic!


2. Max Payne 3


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012 Max Payne 3


Yet another relic from the early 2000’s, the Max Payne series has been all but forgotten. However, Rockstar has since become known for putting out top quality titles like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire, so we have high hopes for this title.


1. Mass Effect 3


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012 Mass Effect 3


Most of you probably saw this one coming. Mass Effect 3 blew away the competition in our poll, taking a massive 45% of all votes. The hype behind this game is enormous, and hopefully BioWare will deliver. Mass Effect 2 certainly did not disappoint.

2 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice – Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012

  1. Lol i didnt vote mass effect, the game is so overrated..and for what? piss poor graphics, bad lip sync, frame rate issues and bad animation, yer OK! cos that makes sense unless your one of those fan-boys that broke out of the psychiatric ward due to OTT love for the game. One guy atcherly pleaded for the game to win GOTY 2012, at one point i though he was gonna spit out his dummie and through a tantram. Seriously games get knocked for being a sequel and only have few updates..WELL this is exactly the same difference is, its got Mass Effect on it so no-one dares to question the ultimate over-self confident Casey Hudson and his troops. Seriously this game is bad the demo is an example, i dont care what anyone else says no IFS, no BUTS.  

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