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GTA 4 icEnhancer Mod – How To Install It

GTA 4 icEnhancer Mod – How To Install It

Make GTA 4 look approximately 1000 times better with the icEnhancer Mod.

GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 5


That picture above? Not a photograph. Yep, that’s a screen from the GTA 4 icEnhancer mod. Want your Grand Theft Auto 4 to look like this? Just follow Gamespy’s guide here. Installing mods is almost never easy, but Gamespy does their best to walk you through it.


The GTA 4 icEnhancer mod has been making GTA 4 all nice and pretty for a while now, and has had multiple iterations. The mod uses custom shaders and post-processing effects to dramatically alter Grand Theft Auto 4‘s original visuals. As you can see from the pictures in this article, it’s such a drastic improvement that the screens almost look like real life photographs. You can pick up the mod now through the Icelaglace site.


There’s plenty of other mods available for Grand Theft Auto 4, including mods that give you a first person mode, frictionless cars mods, and an insane Superman mod.


Here’s some pics with the mod installed:


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 2


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 1


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 7


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 8 

  • Jaramy walker

    does this only have to be downloaded to your pc or can it be download to your playstation 3

    • Jason Bakker

      It’s PC only. All mods are, unfortunately.

  • David Irvine