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Check out the Ghost Rider 2 Trailer!

Check out the Ghost Rider 2 Trailer!

Here’s the trailer for Ghost Rider 2! It looks pretty sweet, although the same could be said for the trailer to the first movie. Fingers crossed that this one is much better!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Check out the Ghost Rider 2 Trailer!

  1. that does look pretty badass. I’m sure with the first film being such a disappointment they’re not gonna bother releasing a sequel unless it’s way better then the original. I also noticed it has the marvel knights tag on it, which judging by the only other knights release, Punisher War Zone, means this will be violent as hell!

      • Dude, he plays the same character in every movie. There might even be a mashup somewhere on youtube that shows this.

        He’s like Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro, etc. Actors with an absolute lack of depth. (And don’t even say Serpico. I know Pacino was good in it with a vastly different role, but that’s the ONLY example and it’s decades old.)

        Nick Cage isn’t an actor. He plays one character.

        • I’m not a Pacino fan either, I’m just saying that he was pretty good in Kick-Ass. I’m not a huge fan but he wasn’t the real problem with the first GR, it was terrible villains, terrible script, terrible CG, etc

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