WWE ’12: Q&A With Creative Director Corey Ledesma

WWE ’12: Q&A With Creative Director Corey Ledesma

THQ has released a video that answers a lot of questions people have had about WWE ’12. WWE ’12 Creative Director, Corey Ledesma talks about what changes have been made and what THQ’s focus has been on with improving the franchise. THQ has said that they will be releasing a lot more news about the game before WWE SummerSlam.

Corey stated that the focus this year is improving the gameplay inside the ring, and he basically says that all the outside stuff like weapons and stage interaction has not been changed. He says their focus has been on improving the speed of the gameplay, reversals, physics etc. He gives the analogy that they have taken the game apart, added lots of new technology and code, removed the old legacy junk that was slowing the game down, and put it all back together to make a lean, mean game. Expect WWE ’12 on November 22nd, 2011.

3 thoughts on “WWE ’12: Q&A With Creative Director Corey Ledesma

  1. this game looks pretty good, it looks like they took the time to tweak the game without completely changing it so fans aren’t confused when they go back to play. It’s a balance that’s hard to do, evidenced by EA’s sports games where it seems that very little changes year to year

    • Yeah, I can’t wait to check out the improvements they’ve made, and also the new adds to the roster. By the way on the second video up there, skip to 17:50, you can watch the THQ guy playing against the Miz in the game, it’s pretty funny

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