GTA 4 icEnhancer Mod: Pushing Photorealism

GTA 4 icEnhancer Mod: Pushing Photorealism

The icEnhancer Mod pushes the boundaries of photorealism.


Most of the gaming community has been collectively blown away by the insane graphics being rendered in the new GTA 4 icEnhancer mod. Designed by ICE La Glace, the icEnhancer mod pushes the boundaries of realism in games. You need an absolute monster of a  PC to use the mod to its full  potential. If you want to learn about how to install this beastly graphics upgrade on your copy of Grand Theft Auto 4, read more here.


Here are some pictures and video from the GTA 4 icEnhancer mod. We swore some of these were actual photographs.


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 7


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 2


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 5


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 1


GTA 4 icEnhancer mod 8


5 thoughts on “GTA 4 icEnhancer Mod: Pushing Photorealism

  1. Holy crap!!! I can’t believe how amazing this looks. I need to see this in action, do you know the specs on what’s needed to run this?

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