EVO Fighting Game Competition 2011- Day 2

EVO Fighting Game Competition 2011- Day 2

As the second day of The Evolution Championship Series 2011 comes to a close, I approach my keyboard with gusto. Where do I start? I’ve absorbed enough news, gameplay, and gaming nerd-dom for an entire month in these past 24 hours. My brain is spinning; convoluted by the overexposure to hadoukens and 50-hit combos. Don’t worry, my gaming pride rests on accurately depicting the pure awesomeness that Evo has presented me with today. Let’s begin with an unexpected addition to the fighting world called Game Random.


What do Peter Griffin (from Family Guy), Homer Simpson (from The Simpsons), Jill (from Resident Evil), Solid Snake from (Metal Gear), Goku (from Dragonball Z), Mario, Iron Man, and Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) have in common? Absolutely nothing. A little game booth in the corner of the Evo showroom took these dissimilar characters and placed them head to head in a combat arena, like an old school arcade game.
Who would have thought he had it in him?
Don’t expect to get your hands on this bizarre combination, it won’t be in stores. This mock arcade game is one of a kind; created to test not only the limits of the fighting genre, but also to examine how unrelated elements can be fused together to produce an all around enjoyable and extremely entertaining  encounter. Who was the best character you might ask? With an all-star lineup of powerful and comical characters it would be hard to judge. However, we witnessed Shredder destroy Jill without even a scratch and decimate Mario within seconds.  Who would have thought a guy that has dedicated his life to harassing Turtle men would be an ultimate character?
Game Random was certainly an entertaining feature of today’s Evo display but let’s get back to where it really counts, Street Fighter x Tekken action anyone? In the center of the exhibition hall, positioned between the gaming gear stations (accessories for sale) resided a hub of excitement. Large flat screen TV’s were positioned in a hexagon formation making the most of the available space. Lines of eager fans extended from the center, me included.

 The heavy hitters of the fighting kingdom undoubtedly dominated the focus, coverage, and attention of the energized crowd. There was however a few stations which caught me off guard and captured my interest. An artist near the entrance of the Evo stadium was not overshadowed by the lack of controllers and rattling fight sticks. She sketched in silence as casual observers passed by. Her artwork wasn’t mere ink and paint renditions of Street Fighter fan favorites. Her pieces featured female renditions of male characters.
I know that sounds scary and I promise the drawings did not in any way depict men in drag. They were creative, unique, and I almost decided to buy one. There are several pictures below for you to check out. If artwork isn’t your thing, how about gamer gear? I noticed two custom Xbox 360 covers in particular that really stood out. Pictures below! I wouldn’t mind accessorizing more than just my outfits if these were available. T-shirts, fight sticks, and posters were accessible to buy and freebies spread throughout the crowd but only for the early birds.
Sunday marks the last and definitely most exciting day of Evo 2011. The championship bouts for all the main tournaments will be taking place on the center screen for all to awe. The games to be featured on the giant screen and stage include:
Who will reign supreme? Will the semi-finalists buckle under pressure? We’ll just have to wait and find out at the last day of Evo 2011. Yours truly will be there to capture all the action including what the camera crews might miss.

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