Breaking: League of Legends Hacked?

Breaking: League of Legends Hacked?

So, I just finished my fourth or fifth game of League of Legends for today and I went back to the game lobby and started finding these messages:

As of this writing, these messages are ongoing and are very childish in nature.

Not really sure what’s going on. The Twitter consensus is that it’s been hacked. I’ve clicked ‘OK’ on five or six of those windows already. I hope nothing bad comes of that… =P

Will keep you posted if I find anything else.

Update: This came through over Twitter:


I guess they just realized what was going on.


2 thoughts on “Breaking: League of Legends Hacked?

  1. Yep, just saw that as well. It’ll be wicked to figure out what happened. Also, do you remember where you got this blog template from? I like the layout and spacing. If you made it yourself, kudos, I’m envious

    • Hey, thanks for commenting. I’m not the author of this article but I run the site. I honestly can’t remember the name of this template off hand, I had to pay a pretty decent price for it though. You can find many similar ones online

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